About Arbortec

Arbortec is a Lantra-approved training centre delivering Lantra training courses and qualifications in all chainsaw and tree-climbing units, including arb-related machinery: woodchipper, brushcutter, stumpgrinder, hedgecutter, MEWP.

We deliver NPTC assessments in all ground-based and aerial chainsaw units, CS30-34,  CS38-41, CS50 and UA1, Utility Arboriculture, by fully qualified NPTC assessors to the arboricultural, forestry and land-based industry.

Academic Qualifications for Arborists

In response to an increasing demand for arborists to have not only the practical skills but also the accompanying knowledge to provide a full-quality service, we are now offering the 1-day Basic Tree Inspection Course and the 3-day Professional Tree Inspection Course (Level 3).

As a member of the International Society of Arborists (ISA www.isa-arbor.com) we are able to organise and run the ISA Certified Arborist examination which also transfers over to anyone wishing to achieve European treeworker status. Contact Jean McDermott T: 0121 5568302 or email: jean@isa-uki.fsnet.co.uk. The UK and Ireland chapter is at www.isa-arboriculture.org.

LOLER kit inspections

We can carry out your LOLER kit inspections, which is a 6-monthly legal requirement for everyday working equipment. We will remind you when they are due, advise you on equipment inventory and help you keep digital or paper records. This may be carried out at your own facilities. If you are a big company and wish to do this in-house, we can provide you with the Loler Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment Lantra training.